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Roux Roux tells the story of a dog who runs away from home. Craving experience, Roux Roux runs and runs. As he does, he meets many friends and foes. Each character shares a cryptic anecdote about life and how it might be lived. These encounters leave Roux Roux puzzled and so he just keeps running. Its painful, as the lack of knowing what it is he really wants, leaves him empty. In order to change, Roux Roux must descend, into the underworld (of the New York subway system naturally) where he is faced with a meaner cast of characters, and it's here, that he begins to feel something, forcing Roux Roux to consider what it is that he really wants... in a moment...all Roux Roux's running comes to an end. As he asks for one thing: a friend. Requested with a heart full of sincerity, he is immediately carried, through darkness into light...Brooklyn. The corner of Smith and Douglass, where his namesake home resides.

Experience the imaginative world of Roux the form of shirts, totes, drawpulls, jewelry, and more. Those who purchase an item, participates in the logic of Roux Roux, a philosophy which reflects a much larger belief, of the sustainable creative, where the journey (through hell and back) is trusted. Roux Roux is interested in developing a model for sustainable creativity.